Application (Request)

Check in/check out: Mon - Fri 10:00 - 12:00 a.m.
By appointment  late check out: Mo. - Thu. 19:00 (+ € 20,00)
Special times on request (+ € 40,00)
Sundays/Holidays: no check in or checkout

Animal´s liability insurance

On uncertainties pleasy ask the vet.
Obliged for dogs: SHLTP+Viral cough
Obliged for cats: canine madness, feline distemper, cat flu is recommended

Special treatments at extra cost


Note: Upon successfull form submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not get an automatical confirmation e-mail within 24 hours then please contact us.

For detailed pricing information please see our price list.

Male dogs and bitches in heat are charged an extra fee depending on the degree of special treatment required. The supression of a dog's sexual instincts usually helps to improve your pet's behaviour, e.g. avoiding disobedient and aggressive behaviour as well as extensive "demarking", and allows us to reduce the extra fee charged. Special fees can be negotiated in some cases if dogs are lodged outside holiday seasons and for a time period exceeding 3 weeks. Payments are to be made in advance by cash or by €ocheque (ec-card).

For cancellations in the last 30 days before the announced arrival at the TierHotel and always in high season (German & American school & holy days) the penalty fee is 80% of the total calculated price. If the cancellation is more then 30 days before arrival the fee is 50% of the bill, because it is nearly impossible to find another equal guestpet for the exact same time for rooming and walkings. This is valid unless it can be proved that no losses have been incurred. If the above named dog(s) are not picked up on the appointed date the ownership of the above named dog(s) is transferred to the TierHotel! Changes of dates or cancellations are only valid in written form. 

The TierHotel! is only liable for any damage caused on purpose or by gross negligence. The owner of the above named dog(s) frees the TierHotel! and it's personnel from any libel action from third parties. Only in cases of serious danger to the dog's life and if the dog's owner cannot be reached under the above given SOS-telephone number will the TierHotel! organise a necessary veterinarian therapy, the cost of which is to be paid by the dog's owner. The company and above mentioned contract conditions are accepted for all future stays in the TierHotel.