Our Care Royal Finest Food Specialties

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The brand Care Royal is dedicated to the distribution of very selected and high-quality products that have been tested extensively in practice and that promise a high level of value-for-money to the customer.


Product Quality

Care Royal Dogfood was tested for several years in the practice of our reknowned “doggy castle” TierHotel! Schloß Unterriexingen where the exceptional quality of the selected raw materials is subjected to thorough testing by the diversity of our dog guests every day: here is only a food acceptable which has a special high degree of digestability as well as a rich energy output. Our dog guests tend to exercise very much in our TierHotel!, moving around in their kindergarten-type playgroups and with their animateur caretakers throughout the day – and thus they require appropriate food.

The raw materials meat, vegetables and cereals are subject to strict controls and are processed carefully to tasty and easily digestebel croquettes or flakes with a high degree of nutrient preservation.

All types of Care Royal dog-food are designed according to modern food-physiologically standards to meet the requirements of the specific lifecycles of dogs. Based on a complete food basis they receive closely monitored healthy meat, corny cereals and vegetables and a well balanced dose of minerals and vitamins – and definitely no synthetic additives like tasters, conservation additives etc.

Care Royal is dry food, that has been tested for many years already in the TierHotel! and is reknowned for its especially high degree of balanced composition. This can be seen already in the positive effects achieved already after a short time of feeding: shiny pelt, healthy bone development and a high energy level – the good digestability of the valuable raw materials can be seen in the form of relatively low amounts of hard faeces. The producer guarantees that no chemicals or other synthetic additives are used in the food manufacturing. The conservation is achieved solely with the help of mineral- and vitamin additives. All raw materials, the final product and the production process are subject to controls following the stricter European Law for Human Food – thus moving well beyond the standards generally applied according to the Law for animal food.

Guarantee for the components

It is further guaranteed that the named components are truly contained in the dog-food and that no “high risk materials” such as sick or BSE-threatened meat are processed. All the named types of our Care Royal dog-food are well balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Feeding advice

To allow your dog to get used to his new food more easily it is recommended mix Care Royal  food in increasing amounts with the dogfood used hitherto. It is widely accepted that dry dogfood delivers the most balance complete dogfood. It should be supplemented with a lot of water or broth for about ten minutes. For bad eaters a small amount of canned dogfood can be added. Please do not leave any dogfood standing around outside of feeding hours. It is preferable to feed your dog regularily at fixed times, for instand in the morning and evening after walking. Because every individual dog digests his food differently the amount of food that you feed should be considerate of your dog’s size and temperament and best be determined jointly between yourself, your dog and maybe your vet.