Cool Your pet is our guest in our PetCastleHotel located in Unterriexingen – a village near Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg. As compared to conventional kennels or when having a private person taking care of your pet in your absence, we offer an exclusive, lively and professional care to your pet – involving a lot of fun and entertainment with playmates that are proven to be good-natured and good sports. Meanwhile you can enjoy your holiday, concentrate on your business, relax and recover from an illness or otherwise bridge any gaps in the supervision of your beloved pet.

In our historical and manorial park estate our pet guests can spend hours romping around and playing at their leisure in a kindergarten-like team of comrades under the watchful and engaged surveillance of two-legged animators, who will encourage play but also intervene when too heavy bouts of play emerge. Nikolaus Prinz von Ratibor and his experienced team look after cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots and other pets - every guest forgetting their human or animal peculiarities as they become a member of the extended pet family in our PetCastleHotel. You will never again have bad feelings about leaving your pet alone – at the PetCastleHotel your pet will have found the exclusive, fun and safe haven you seek for your pet when circumstances make a brief separation of pet and master or mistress necessary.

Beyond this we offer edutainment and further services:

  • Dog training with individual private training sessions
  • Beauty and wellness in the dog parlour: bathing, cropping, trimming, grooming and other fur treatments
  • Dog wellness: swimming, massages, agility, retrieval play, jogging, physiotherapy, …
  • Veterinary service: vaccinations, diagnosies, therapy, etc.
  • CareRoyal-TIERTAXI –our chauffeur service for two- and four-legged VIP

 CoolTo find us coming from Stuttgart (ca. 30 min.) or highway exit (A 81), stay on the B 10 direction to Vaihingen/Enz around 10 km until you come down into the valley of river Enz. Shortly before Enzweihingen you turn right to Ober-/Unterriexingen and then you come automatically after 3 km to Unterriexingen. At the narrow passage you turn left into "Schloßparkstraße". After 300 m natural stonewall of the park you see on the left side the entrance to the castle and pethotel CareRoyal. Please park on the opposite road (own ground at the four trees) or on Schloßparkstraße (or Kelterstr.) not in front of the garages. Thank you!

... and DogFinestFood

At the PetCastleHotel our guests are served the healthy and highly digestible DogFinestFood CareRoyal, a proprietary dog food exclusively produced for Care-Royal GmbH and developed to cater to the appreciative tastes of our demanding guests at the DogCastleHotel. CareRoyal is available in a selective variety of a receipts dedicated to the dog’s specific requirements in every phase of it’s lifecycle. Best of all: Our high-end brand is delivered quickly and comfortably to your doorstep in all of Germany – always fresh and at most competitive prices.

Outstanding quality is recognized by dogs as well as master or mistress after extensive testing and not as a consequence of advertising, packaging and promises. CareRoyal’s philosophy of looking after its pets as well as the diet of our own breeding of dogs as well as the guest dogs is directly derived from nature. Of professional experience from decades of dog practice can be trusted!